The Fireland Cherry Bar Board

The Fireland Cherry Bar Board

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The Fireland Cherry Bar Board

A medium-sized offering, The Bar Board is perfect for light prep work or serving appetizers at an intimate gathering.

Fireland Cherry is native to the Southern Andes range in Argentina and Chile and is a semi-durable wood with beautiful rippling and color.

Dimensions (Length/Width): 14in / 6.5in

Full Board Length: 17.5in

Thickness: 0.8in

Finish: The wood is treated with a mix of virgin beeswax and mineral oil.

*Please note, that some of the staged photos (from the fourth photo on) may not represent the exact model on sale and are meant to contextualize the product.

Paula Caseiras is the owner of a small workshop in greater Buenos Aires. She makes beautiful wooden objects by hand.

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