Hi, I’m Ryan Volatile, founder of Fields Outfitting, this is our story.

Fields Outfitting is a product of curiosity, connection, and a profound appreciation for Argentina, a country that so warmly welcomed me when I moved to Buenos Aires in 2013. 

Circa 2015, a friend who would eventually help me found the company, gifted me a fantastic pair of pants - the Argentine Bombacha de Campo - an old workwear staple that made its way to South America by way of France (before Argentina was a country), as the French had a surplus of Pants they had fabricated for the Ottoman Empire during the Crimean War. 

The pants were in heavy rotation in my wardrobe but looked and felt as if they hadn’t received any updates since the 19th century. So in 2017, with no funding, little to no experience, a full-time office job, and a hankering to try something new, I partnered with a local workshop and decided to give it a shot. And so Fields Outfitting was born. The name Fields comes from the “Bombacha de Campo” which translates roughly into Fields Trousers, the inspiration for our Field Pants.

Between now and then, a lot of things have happened! I quit my office job, got married, and launched Fields internationally. We have also added a range of amazing, locally-made Argentine products that make up a huge part of what Fields Outfitting is today. I curate and design products that are unique, artisanally, or hand-made, possess superior quality, and are culturally and emotionally significant to me.

While our collection of unique Argentine goods has grown quite a bit, we have stayed true to who we are and why we do what we do. I founded Fields with these goals.

Focus on People. 

One of the main reasons I started Fields was so that I could make an impact, and give back to a country that has given so much to me. We build long-lasting relationships with the people behind our products, pay them fair wages, and try to empower and uplift them by telling their stories and sharing their creations. While I am speaking through my lens, the Artisans and Makers are the real stars of the show, and I prefer telling their stories to mine.

While we are an e-commerce brand headquartered abroad, we make a huge effort to connect with you, the customer, and build a meaningful relationship. If you are ever in Buenos Aires, send us a message and swing by the showroom!

Do Things Local, Do Things Slow.

One of the things that most captivated me when I moved to Argentina was the pace of life. Getting away from the culture of “everything now” was at first hard, but then deeply refreshing. We take our time when making things, we do them with purpose and enjoy the ride. 100% of our products are made in Argentina, and the vast majority of the raw materials are sourced locally. Not only does this feel like the right thing to do, but sourcing and producing locally reduces carbon emissions and helps us be a more sustainable startup.

Have Fun.

This may be the most important one of them all. Starting a business is never easy, and it is not always sunshine and rainbows. The lows are low, but the highs are second to none. I constantly remind myself to make art even if it may not sell, meet people, be kind, be generous, constantly learn, and have fun while doing it.

There you have it folks! Me, my small (but awesome) team, and the craftspeople that make our goods put tons of love, dedication, and no small bit of skill into making Fields Outfitting come to life. I hope you sense that whenever you wear our pants, cook with our knives, or get a glimpse of the Chané masks hanging in your study.

If you've got any questions, ideas, feedback, or just something cool to share, don't hesitate to reach out to me directly at ryan@fieldsoutfitting.com. 

I love hearing from our awesome customers and community.


Ryan Volatile

Founder - Fields Outfitting

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