Tapestry Jackets

Featuring custom, hand-woven wool pockets

We love a good hand-woven tapestry. In fact, they are a cornerstone of our home collection. We thought it would be fun to integrate them into our jackets.

The same family of weavers in Jujuy, Argentina that make our tapestries made us woven pockets to match our spring tapestry designs.

We opted for a heavy 13oz, locally-made, raw denim base, and added oversized suede elbow patches and a suede under-collar. Our coconut-shell buttons finish off our tapestry jackets.

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    Chacana Tapestry Jacket

    The Chacana is said to represent the relationship between the world and the life contained within.

    The Condor Tapestry Jacket

    An ode to the Andean Condor, the world's largest flying bird. The tapestries show the bird in flight in a dusky sky over a colorful mountain range.

    sh*t Picnic Tapestry Jacket

    The Trojan Horse of the tapestry jackets - the picnic pockets are actually crocheted and not woven. The jacket is then hand-painted with our picnic-gone-wrong fantasy.

    The Hummingbird Tapestry Jacket

    Life is full of contrasts. We wanted to include the world's smallest and largest flying birds in the same collection. The hummingbird is a symbol of good luck and adorns our jackets, tapestries, and table runners.

    The Roots Tapestry Jacket

    The crown of a tree can only flourish if it has an even bigger root system holding it up. Let that sink in.
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