Sh*t Picnic Hand-Painted Tapestry Jacket

Sh*t Picnic Hand-Painted Tapestry Jacket

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Our Sh*t Picnic Jacket envisions what it would be like if a gang of ants crashed your picnic and started hauling off all the goods, only to be chased down by a giant anteater.

This jacket is the Trojan Horse of the Tapestry Jackets collection. Unlike the rest of its counterparts, these pockets are hand-crocheted cotton and not woven wool tapestries. Additionally, the anteater and picnic theme is hand-painted on the jacket, the only jacket in the collection that utilizes this technique.

Build Details Include:

  • 13oz undyed raw 100% cotton denim body
  • Crocheted picnic pockets
  • Exaggerated suede elbow patches
  • Suede undercollar

Dry clean only.

The tapestry pockets are woven to measure in Jujuy, Argentina by Cornelio and his family who make a lot of our favorite tapestries. They ship the pockets to us in Buenos Aires, where Susan's boutique workshop sews them onto a locally made, 13oz 100% cotton raw denim weave. Hear their stories and see our processes below.

Hand woven wool pockets

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