Hand-Knitted and Embroidered Ruana

Hand-Knitted and Embroidered Ruana

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This ruana was made from start to finish by artisans in rural Jujuy, Argentina. We acquired this piece when we went to visit them during the making of the Red Horse sweater. It is a unique piece. One size fits all.

Many communities in Northwestern Argentina live off of their artisan craft, and the ladies in Barrancas are no exception. They invited us to their town in the middle of the desert to show us how they make knitwear from scratch, shearing the llama, washing the wool, spinning it into yarn, dying the yarn with natural pigments, and finally knitting them by hand. This particular poncho features:

  • 100% natural, undyed wool.
  • Knitted 100% by hand using the crochet technique.
  • Soft and breathable and great for mild winters or layering.
  • One size fits all

Our knitwear is all unisex. for measurements and sizing, click "size chart" above.

These sweaters are made from start to finish by Emilia, Yanina, and Andrea in rural Jujuy, Argentina. Pictured Below!

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