Hand-Carved Palo Santo Figurines (Pack of Seven)

Hand-Carved Palo Santo Figurines (Pack of Seven)

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Seven Hand-Carved Palo Santo Figurines

This beautifully detailed decorative figure is hand-carved by skilled artisans from The Wichi Indigenous Group in Salta, Argentina.

The carvings are made primarily of Palo Santo wood, which is native to northern Argentina and is revered for its distinctive fragrance and therapeutic properties. Some figurines also include contrasting accents from other types of wood and/or small pieces of bone or antlers collected in the forests.

Important: Please choose only one of each figurine. We have a very limited inventory, and if you choose multiple copies of the same figurine, we may not have stock to fulfill your order. If the model is available to select, it means we have at least one for purchase (but probably not five).

Bundle Details

A pack of three includes one medium and two small figurines, the pack of five includes one medium and four small figurines, and the pack of 7 includes two medium, and five small carvings. The figurines are labeled in the product photos and appear in alphabetical order.

Note that each figurine is one-of-a-kind. Some details may differ slightly from the photographed model. Since we split the cost of international shipping with our customers (you), the minimum we are unable to offer individual pieces for sale.

The Wichi are an indigenous group from the same region as The Chané, and make figurines out of Palo Santo, instead of Palo Borracho. The Artisans who make these can be found in Las Baldes, Argentina, but prefer to remain anonymous.

Palo Santo Figurines

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