Quebracho Crochet Bucket Hat

Quebracho Crochet Bucket Hat

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Our plant-dyed, hand-crochet, two-tone bucket hat is dyed with quebracho wood chips. The hat comes in two sizes and can help keep the sun off of your face during your daily adventures.

Hand wash your item with pH neutral soap and cool (or warm to the touch) water and then air dry.

Our naturally dyed clothing is colored with organic materials that behave differently to synthetic dyes. These items may have some smell from the dye process and you may experience some crocking and rub-off when new. Please make sure you are comfortable with this when ordering. 

The yarn is dyed by a network of dyers in Argentina. Alexia has been helping us develop dyes and colors for over a year. The yarn is then crocheted 100% by hand by the same group of people behind our embroidered berets. Hear their stories and see our processes below.

Dye materials:

pecan shell

Creates a sandy, washed beige color.
Dye materials:

Yerba Mate

Excess powder collected from a local mate tea packaging plant lends for an amazing green tone.
Dye materials:

Onion Peel

The onion peel creates a surprisingly vibrant and beautiful yellow tone. Onion smell not included.
Dye materials:

Wood Chips

Quebracho chips collected from a local lumberyard are used to make a dark, robust brown color.
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