Mate Green Knit Short

Mate Green Knit Short

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Our Mate Green Shorts are made using 100% cotton that is hand-dyed using natural materials. It was made using a vintage, hand-operated knitting machine in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Details Include:

  • Yerba mate-dyed body
  • raw cotton details
  • Zero waste knitting machines make panels to size
  • Hand-sewn finish
  • 100% Cotton

Hand wash your item with pH-neutral soap and cool water, then air dry. Our naturally dyed clothing is dyed with plant-based ingredients. They may have a slight, earthy odor and color transfer when new. Please make sure you are conscious of this before making a purchase.

The yarn is dyed by a network of dyers in Argentina. Alexia has been helping us develop dyes and colors for over a year. This yarn is then used in knitting machines by a group of knitters headed by Gloria Ketelhohn in the Greater Buenos Aires area. Hear their stories and see our processes below.

Dye materials:

pecan shell

Creates a sandy, washed beige color.
Dye materials:

Yerba Mate

Excess powder collected from a local mate tea packaging plant lends for an amazing green tone.
Dye materials:

Onion Peel

The onion peel creates a surprisingly vibrant and beautiful yellow tone. Onion smell not included.
Dye materials:

Wood Chips

Quebracho chips collected from a local lumberyard are used to make a dark, robust brown color.
Creation Process:

Gloria Ketelhohn

Our friend and collaborator is helped us bring to life the collection using techniques she learned from her mother and grandmother.
Creation Process:

Vintage Knitting Machine

The Argentine-made Knittax. Everyone and their grandma had one a generation ago.
Creation Process:

zero waste weaving

The knitting machine makes panels to measure, meaning absolutely no fabric is lost when using it to make garments.
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