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A collection of hand-made goods designed and curated to bring joy to your home

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Tools designed to help you enjoy the art of cooking

Fields Apparel

Apparel designed and curated to make you feel like you.

Why We Do What We Do

What do knives, decorative masks, and ethically-made apparel all have in common?
Why is everything made by hand in Argentina using locally sourced materials?
We swear it all makes sense. At least to us.

Focus on People

In our eyes, The Artisans, Makers and Craftspeople are the real stars of the show. We build lasting relationships with the people behind our products, pay them fair wages and valuing their amazing work.

Do Things Local & Take it Slow

We take our time when making things, we do them with purpose and enjoy the ride. 100% of our products are made in Argentina, and the vast majority of the raw materials are sourced locally.

Quality, Hand-Made Products

We make unique products using the best materials we can get our hands on. We provide you with goods built to enhance your wardrobe, bring joy to your home, and help you enjoy the art of cooking.

Tell Forgotten Stories

We travel to remote corners of the country to meet makers and listen to their stories. Through their work, they are preserving ancestral techniques passed down through generations. We think tht is pretty awesome.

Have Fun!

In an industry that tends to takes itself too seriously, we remind ourselves to enjoy what we do! Be kind, be generous, never stop learning, keep a keen sense of humor, and have fun while doing it.
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Embroidered Wool Berets

The berets are hand-embroidered by participants of an initiative in underserved government housing zones in Buenos Aires. The project promotes social inclusion and teaches skills used to earn additional income and showcase talent and creativity.
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Turned Wooden Vases

Made by father & son duo woodturners in the Lanus neighborhood of Buenos Aires. Using techniques passed down through the family, Franco and Oscar preserve a dying art with beautiful precision.
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Hand-Made Table Knives

Crafted by the talented makers behind our best selling Chef Knives, these table knives will delight guests as they slice through their meal with ease. They feel as sharp as they look.
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Hand-knit poncho

This one-of-one poncho is made in rural Jujuy, Argentina by a talented group of artisans. The artisans sheer the llama, spin the wool, and knit everything 100% by hand. Weaving and knitting is still a primary source of income in many rural towns in this area of Argentina.
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Hand-woven Area Rugs

We curated a small capsule of area rugs from Salta and Tucuman, Argentina. They are woven in traditional looms using sheep and llama wool. The right area rug adds an incredible amount of warm elegance to your space.

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