Plant-Dyed Tote & Bucket

Made using natural, plant-based dyes and 100% cotton fibers, the plant-dyed collection includes a pullover and short set made in vintage knitting machines and a crocheted tote bag and matching bucket hat.

The green is dyed using Mate herb, the yellow with onion peel, the brown with wood bark, and the sand color with pecan shells. This is a tedious and time consuming practice, but the results are exquisite.

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    Dye materials:

    pecan shell

    Creates a sandy, washed beige color.
    Dye materials:

    yerba mate

    Excess powder collected from a local mate tea packaging plant lends for an amazing green tone.
    Dye materials:

    Onion Peel

    The onion peel creates a surprisingly vibrant and beautiful yellow tone. Onion smell not included.
    Dye materials:

    Wood Chips

    Quebracho chips collected from a local lumberyard are used to make a dark, robust brown color.
    Raw Cotton Knit Short