Upcycled Parachute Jacket (Medium - M.a.88.22)

Upcycled Parachute Jacket (Medium - M.a.88.22)

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SIZE: Medium

This is a parachute jacket – literally. The Buenos Aires-based Baumm makes colorful windbreakers from a patchwork of over 24 pieces cut from discarded parachutes that have maxed out their flight hours. It is lightweight, windproof, water resistant, super sustainable, one-of-a-kind, and downright awesome.

Each unit is uniquely numbered to maintain authenticity and assure the wearers of their one-of-a-kind construction. The jacket has a front zipper and 3 zip-up pockets.

Serial Number: M.a.88.22

Weight: 185 grams (6.5oz)

*IMPORTANT: Since these are truly unique pieces, the exact color palette varies from jacket to jacket. You won't find the same combination in a small that you will in a medium. The jacket you order is the one shown in the product photos. 

Please note, some jackets may contain segments that are not upcycled parachutes. The segments are minimal and serve to reinforce structural integrity for the sake of longevity so that the jacket may live a long and happy life.

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Customer Reviews

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Leo T

Perfect fit. Looks amazing. Made me feel like a brand new person. Definitely getting another one.

Elaine Zukowski
Great lightweight jacket!

This is a beautiful re-use of material- the jacket is very well made. Thank you

Abhi Thakore

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