Tucuman Color Area Rug

Tucuman Color Area Rug

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Tucuman Color Area Rug

This hand-woven rug features designs inspired by the Andean Mountain peaks, and the arid, craggy textures found in the highlands in Northwestern Argentina where the rug was woven. 

This rug was woven on a traditional by Hugo Astorgas (pictured below) in Amaicha del Valle, Tucuman, Argentina. He uses a large traditional loom to make his creations. The color palette features natural, undyed wool as well as wool dyed with walnut shells.


  • Colors: cream, camel, and brown
  • Dimensions: 6'6" x 5'7"
  • Hand-spun, undyed, and artisanally dyed yarn
  • Material: 100 % Lambswool
  • Made in Amaicha del Valle - Tucuman, Argentina 
  • One of a kind

    Hugo and Marta Astorgas work together to create some of our favorited loomed carpets and tapestries in Amaicha del Valle, Tucuman, Argentina. Hugo learned from his father, carrying on an age-old tradition.

    Hand-Made Warmth

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