The Condor Carving (Large)

The Condor Carving (Large)

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The Condor Carving (Large)

This decorative figure is hand-carved and hand-painted using traditional techniques by skilled artisans from the Wichi indigenous group in Salta, Argentina. These figures have a sacred and personal connection to each artisan and their culture. This is a unique, one-of-one piece signed by the artist. 

Please note this figure is made of the native Argentine wood called Palo Santo, and is intended for decorative purposes only. 

Palo Santo grows on the Pacific coast of South America. It is both a beautiful and culturally significant wood often used by healers to this day for therapeutic properties found in its smoke and oil.

Size: 2.1in x 6.7in x 4.2in

The Wichi are an indigenous group from the same region as The Chané, and make figurines out of Palo Santo, instead of Palo Borracho. The Artisans who make these can be found in Las Baldes, Argentina, but prefer to remain anonymous.

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